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Has worked with every type of Bulk weighing scale from the old lever type Toledo scales to today's high speed computerized load cell systems.

Licensed weigh master for thirty plus years.

Has learned stevedoring from the ground up from the old master stevedores.

Has thirty plus years of problem solving.

Work History:

Dockside Commodity Terminal and Dockside Floating Elevators operated by T. Smith and Sons, New Orleans, Louisiana 1964 to 1978

Cargoes Unlimited and River Managers, New Orleans, Louisiana 1978 to 1984    

Rose Shipping, 1985 to 1990   

Total Transportation Inc.,1990 to 2003 

Courses Completed:

Homeland Security compliance and recording keeping

OSHA Safety and Compliance

OSHA Accident investigation and reporting

USCG Compliance and Accident Investigation and record keeping

National Cargo Bureau Bulk Commodity loading and discharging, Storage factors and their application